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Update #6: Content, Link building, Traffic, Keywords, Experiments, Earnings, Expenses

Lesson 7 Module 7


In March 2021, I added 22 articles. Here is the type of articles I've added:

  • 6 "Top 10 Reviews" articles;
  • 3 single product reviews;
  • 7 "Best" type of articles;
  • 6 "avalanche" articles.

Link Building

I've built two links via outreach. I am testing one link back method through outreach, which I came up with some weeks ago (I think I haven't seen anyone sharing it). I will call it the "Giver Method." I will test and measure the success rate before sharing it.


In March 2021, I paid:

  • $606 for 22 articles.

For these 22 articles, I used iWriter's and Textbroker's services. Some articles are 2000+ words, others 1000 words. The average price per 1000 words is $22, which is pretty decent. 


Here is a screenshot from my US Amazon Earnings in March.

Earnings March Update

Comparing March to February, this month's clicks have almost doubled. The conversion rate has dropped (unfortunately). However, at this point, I am not worried about earnings. My primary goal is to grow the website's traffic.

Money comes with lots of traffic. Lots of money comes through conversion rate optimization and experimentations. Let's first make some money, after that - lots of money.


March's traffic growth has been even "steeper" than February's, which is a good sign. With the avalanche technique put in work, I expect exponential growth in the next six to twelve months.

Traffic March Update

Keywords and Rankings

We can see a bit of "keywords bleeding," but that's a normal process after a keywords rally.

The term "keywords bleeding" is the process of losing some organic keywords. It usually happens when you have a period of gaining lots of new organic keywords (usually) in a short period of time.

Keywords March Update