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Update #4: Content, Link building, Traffic, Keywords, Experiments, Earnings, Expenses

Lesson 5 Module 5


In January 2021, I added 10 articles. I've thought that I would be able to upload at least 20 articles per month. However, many of the articles are quite heavy on editing.

Most of the articles include 10 product reviews, comparison tables, and many additional visual blocks, which take time to produce and edit.

Link Building

I haven't done any external link building in January 2021. But I've extensively linked all new articles and some old ones internally, where appropriate.


In January 2021, I paid:

  • $300 for 10 articles.

Keep in mind that these expenses are only related to this niche project. In general, I do have many more business expenses shared among all of my websites.


Here is a screenshot from my US Amazon Earnings in January.

Earnings Amazon Jan 2021

As you are about to see from the traffic update below, rankings and traffic are growing quite well. However, earnings aren't proportionally increasing.

So I checked where my organic traffic comes from, and bingo - it comes mainly from easy to rank info articles, where traffic is monetized through Google Adsense, not Amazon's Affiliate Program.

It totally makes sense. These are my easy to rank, complimentary articles, which will further push my money articles, especially when I start my link building campaigns.


You can see that there is steady traffic growth. Actually, the traffic growth is 50% more than December's traffic. I love it!

GA Traffic Jan 2021

Keywords and Rankings

We can see steady growth in organic keywords, traffic, and top positions. Actually, the growth in new organic keywords compared to December's growth is more than 50%.

SEO is the Power. If you haven't learned SEO, but you want to be a publisher, you need to be all-in-SEO. It's a game, and Google changes it every day.

Keywrods Jan 2021