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Update #3: Content, Link building, Traffic, Keywords, Experiments, Earnings, Expenses

Lesson 4 Module 4


In December, I added 12 articles. I've uploaded these articles through the first twenty days of December. Through the last ten days of the month, I had severe technical problems with all of my websites due to Bluehost migrating my whole account on a new server.

It was impossible to access my WordPress installations, not even to mention uploading and editing articles. I had to migrate my account to a new hosting provider, which resulted in a few more non-working days.

The good news is that the articles uploaded throughout November and even December are already ranking.

Link Building

I haven't done any external link building in December. But I've extensively linked all new articles and some old ones internally, where appropriate.


1) Implementing Structured Data

In October, I have installed WP SEO Structured Data Schema Pro to see if this will help steal some "zero" positions in the SERP.

This experiment is still in progress, so I'll keep watching and reporting on the results.

2) TOC

In November, I've added a Table of Contents to each article. As I've reported in November's update, it seems like some of the rich snippet results use data from the TOC to extract information, such as question box snippets.

In December, I have noticed that I am ranking for a specific term with the specific URL from the TOC (each headline H2, H3, H4, etc., has its own anchor link, and Google uses that specific link to rank the page for a very specific keyword).

2) E-A-T

In November, I've added a total of 5 authors with bios to my website to show trustworthiness in Google's eyes (E-A-T).

I can't really tell whether or not this helps. You can really measure it. It definitely won't hurt, and I think it makes sense.


In December, I paid:

  • $320 for 12 articles.

Keep in mind that these expenses are only related to this niche project. In general, I do have many more business expenses, shared among all of my websites.


Here is a screenshot from my US Amazon Earnings in December.

Although the traffic has grown slightly, it was a bad month for this website, mostly because of the severe downtime it had).

Basically, it was hardly loading for straight 10 days. I guess you learn while you live, and then you move on.

Thant's what I did.

Earnings DEC


You can see that there is steady traffic growth. But I expect this year, 2021, to be significant.

Traffic DEC

Keywords and Rankings

We can see steady growth in organic keywords, traffic, and top positions.

Once I start building links and adding much more content, the picture will spread honey.

Organic Search Traffic DEC