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Update #5: Content, Link building, Traffic, Keywords, Experiments, Earnings, Expenses

Lesson 6 Module 6


In February 2021, I added 8 articles. Most of the articles include 10 product reviews, comparison tables, and many additional visual blocks, which take time to produce and edit. Also, these 8 articles are netting 15 000 words.

I have planned to upload more articles, but I've re-designed the whole website, including post structure and design elements. So this ate at least 7 days.

Link Building

I haven't done any external link building in February 2021. But I've extensively linked all new articles and some old ones internally, where appropriate.


In February 2021, I paid:

  • $352 for 8 articles.

For these 8 articles, I used an Elite writer (instead of a premium one), who got my instructions from the beginning. 2000 words of article cost $45.


Here is a screenshot from my US Amazon Earnings in February.

US Amazon February Earnings

In comparison to all previous updates, this is the strongest month. In February, many of the money pages (aka product reviews pages) started to rank in the top 3 on Google's first page. And this resulted in 43 ordered products.


Another month with steady traffic growth.

Traffic February

Keywords and Rankings

We can see steady growth in organic keywords, traffic, and top positions. 

In January, the total organic keywords were 1200, with 71 keywords ranking between #1-3, 229 keywords ranking between #4-10.

In February, the total organic keywords are 1400, with 90 keywords ranking between #1-3, 318 keywords ranking between #5-10.

Keywords February

February's Website Redesign

In February, I decided to re-design the whole website. The previous look was more of a spammy website. And I want this website to become a brand in its niche. So, I've installed the best website builder I have ever worked with - Thrive Theme Builder.

I will try to explain what kind of changes I've made.

1) Home Page's Design and Structure Changes

My home page used to be a randomly generated page with the latest blog posts. Now it has a clear structure:

  • Above the fold - a beautiful section with a CTA. It's an eBook I purchased a year ago. It is written specifically for my website and my niche.
  • Below the fold - specifically designed section, which links to the website's category pages.
  • Two sections that pull posts from specific categories. Usually, these are the money pages. 
  • One section that pulls posts from FAQ type of articles. These are informative resources. 
  • Before the footer - another CTA for the eBook.
  • Footer.

2) Posts' Design and Structure Changes

My posts didn't have any clear and easy-to-follow structure. With Thrive Theme Builder, you can create templates and apply them to your posts and pages, which allows you to follow a predefined posts structure. Here are the changes I've made:

  • Posts H1 title section.
  • Header visual.
  • Table of contents box.
  • Affiliate disclosure box.
  • Top 3 products.
  • Short info with the main keyword within the first 2 sentences.
  • Product review list, where I review each product.
  • Concluding part, where I say which is the best product from the list and why.
  • Product recommendation box, displaying the best product mentioned in the concluding part.
  • Comments section.
  • eBook CTA section.
  • Footer.