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Lesson 12 Module 12

This module will cover the details for the past two months - August and September 2021.



In August 2021, I've added five articles. I had to go through the entire website and make some changes to all published articles. Unfortunately, I couldn't make the edits at scale. So I had to edit every article separately.


In September 2021, I've added 60 articles. Phew, it was a lot of work, but not a hard one. I was in a good flow. The articles I uploaded are info content. I've uploaded articles with 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3500 words.

Link Building


I haven't done any external link building. I've focused mainly on internal link building and anchor text optimization.


In September, I built three links (guest posts) from DA50 domains.

I have decided to go ahead and start building links. The niche is getting way too competitive, with new blogs appearing every day. And they are all building links. I will take it slow and start the process.



  • Content: I spent $200 on the five articles.


  • Content: I spent $2000 on the 60 articles.
  • Links: they were free, I did some outreach.

Now, I know that many people will think that $2K for 60 articles is pretty low, so that the content might be of a low quality. I'm afraid I have to disagree here. And here is why. First, I don't use the typical content services, which write SEO-ready, Surfer/Marketmuse optimized articles, which brings the total cost per 1000 words at a double rate.

I use iWriter and Textbroker, where the articles will be SEO-optimized only if you write the correct guidelines and prepare the structure for the article, which I do. I prefer to prepare the structure because I used a content agency in the past, and I was not too fond of their structure. I had to re-do everything again at the expense of higher rates.

Second, the writer I use on iWriter has the highest rate on the platform (Elite plus), but since I have been using her services exclusively for the last year, we have agreed on a rate where I don't have to pay $70 per 1000 words. And she can take loads of work from me at a rate higher than what Elite writers earn.

And this is how I reduce my content expenses. I do the extra by doing some research, preparing the article's structure, and I've built a long relationship with one writer who gets loads of work from me and is well-paid.


At this moment, I only monetize the website through Amazon Affiliate Program. Further, I don't have that many articles with buyers' intent, as I am focused on uploading info content that isn't monetized in any way.


  • Amazon Affiliate Program: $34.18


  • Amazon Affiliate Program: $59.30

One interesting fact. I moved this website from NameCheap to I wanted to implement Ezoic Ads on the website. However, they told me that I better remove the integration and wait for Mediavine approval.

I got a bit irritated, and one of their co-founders had a chat with me explaining why Ezoic is basically "hijacking" my domain. tried to work with Ezoic's managers to create a seamless integration between the two services, but they basically stopped replying back to them.

Mediavine and work together very well as they have created a partnership. So I will wait for Mediavine to approve my application once I meet their criteria, of course.


Don't expect to see a hockey stick chart. This will be one of the websites that grow slightly slower than the screenshots we see on Twitter.


Keywords and Rankings

Here is what Ahrefs shows. September is definitely the best month so far.

this moment, the website has a total of 230 articles. I am more eager to see what will happen during October 2021. Also, we are in this for the long ride. I want to upload at least 270 more articles by the end of this year.