Niche Websites

Update #1: Content, Link building, Traffic, Keywords, Experiments, Earnings, Expenses

Lesson 2 Module 2


I started adding new content again in mid-October (until this moment, I haven’t added any content rather than the initial 12 articles).

I’ve created another silo and added 11 articles.

These 11 articles consist of:

  • 4 articles reviewing “the best products in X category,” e.g., affiliate content;
  • 7 info articles and how-to guides – no affiliate content, only informational.

All 11 articles are related to one particular silo. The info articles and how-to guides are complementary to the four money articles (affiliate content).

Link Building

I haven’t done any external link building in October.

I have done only internal linking between the articles in the new silo. Note that I will link only between these 11 articles and never to or from blog posts in another silo.

Siloing is a critical topic when building niche websites. I will write an entire article on siloing.


I’ve launched one experiment after I uploaded all articles. I’ve installed WP SEO Structured Data Schema Pro (paid version) to create easily structured data for my articles.

Let’s see if this will help to steal some “zero” positions in the SERP. I will report at the end of November 2020 the results of this experiment.


In October, I paid:

  • $240 for 11 articles; 
  • $49 for WP SEO Structured Data Schema Pro.


Here is a screenshot from my Amazon Earnings in October. The 20% conversion rate is fantastic.

However, CR tends to drastically drop down once you start ranking for many keywords (there will be more irrelevant searches as the traffic grows, thus resulting in a lower CR).



You can see some growth, but it is still slower as I’ve started adding new content in mid-October.

OCT Traffic