All the Tools I Use to Run My Solo Business

I use the services listed on this page on every website I have. I use them every day. I've tested them against other similar tools, and these are the ones, which I am confident that I can recommend to my readers without any regret.

I pay for every tool listed on this page. I believe that we as a society should quit the "free-tools-mindset" and pay for everything we use from the moment we can afford it, of course.

Some links on this page are affiliated, which means that I may receive a commission if you sign-up through the links listed here.

1) Monetization

Affiliateable Logo

Create stunning comparison tables and product boxes that convert. Affiliatable is my favorite tool to create beautiful, compelling comparison tables, product boxes, and other affiliate marketing elements for my blog posts with one plugin.

2) Hosting Providers

NameCheap Logo


Best price. Best hosting quality. Best support.
Namecheap truly deserves my praises. I had severe problems with my previous hosting provider. I contacted Namecheap, and they migrated my 15 websites for less than three days, including all settings and emails. Everything went smoothly, and their migration support communicated every step with me during the process. Top service. Logo is the preferred hosting provider I use for my affiliate sites integrated with So far, the uptime for my websites is 100%. I haven't experienced even a minute of downtime. After moving my affiliate websites to, my websites' speed score have improved tremendously. And lastly,'s support is the best I have experienced so far compared to any services I have ever used. Kudos for the work!

3) WordPress Themes

Thrive Themes Logo

Thrive Theme Builder

The Theme Builder by ThriveThemes is another level. For example, is built with Thrive Theme Builder. Unless you get your hands on, you can't imagine the level of no-code customization you have access to. You can make and build whatever you like with the theme. All of their products are SEO and speed-optimized and are used by many well-known affiliate marketers. A top service!

4) Page Builder

Thrive Architect Logo

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a page builder by ThriveThemes. The page builder works with any WordPress theme I have tried so far. Also, Thrive Architect works perfectly fine with MyThemeShop's WordPress themes and plugins. This is the combination I use on perhaps each of my affiliate websites. You won't regret it, I promise.

5) Localizing and Tracking Affiliate Links

Geniuslink Logo


"Geniuslink makes localizing, tracking, and managing smart links dead simple, so you can earn more without added work." And this is precisely what Geniuslink does. Also, I love the team behind the service. They are swift to adapt to the affiliate marketing trends, always bringing new ways for creators to squeeze out more revenue.

6) Grammar and Content Editing

Grammarly Logo


My content would have suffered its quality if I it wasn't for Grammarly. As a non-native English speaker, Grammarly has encouraged me to dig deeper into grammar and vocabulary every day. Even for native English speakers, grammar could be tricky. Grammarly is worth the dollar, and I'm with the premium pan for years.

7) SEO Tools

Ahrefs Logo


Without any hesitation, I can say that Ahrefs is my favorite all-in-one SEO tool. Yes, it costs a lot, but the price is fair for all the things you can do with the tool. If you are willing to pay for Ahrefs, make sure that you understand how to best utilize all its features so that you can see how powerful this SEO tool is. Otherwise, use the two suggestions above.

8) Expired Domains

Odys Global Logo is the best place to buy expired domains. The domains offered on are carefully selected, checked, and verified by Odys' team. These are aged websites, which have already gain Google's trust. Building a niche website on an aged domain is an opportunity to rank faster and bigger. This is an exclusive, limited ODYS GLOBAL invitation offer. All new accounts are manually vetted by ODYS compliance. Newly approved members get a 100 EUR/USD welcome bonus.

9) Domains

NameCheap Logo


NameCheap has been a game-changer regarding cash spent on new domains. We, makers, tend to buy a new domain for each idea we got. I switched to NameCheap last year from another domain provider, and I'm more than happy with their domain prices, products, and ease of use.

10) Viral Giveaways

KingSumo Logo


KingSumo is the king of giveaways. With this tool, you can run viral giveaways to generate leads for your business. I like that it is easy to use, it works, it's a super affordable - one-lifetime fee (at the moment), and I believe that you can get it with a $10 discount. Bonus - its father is Noah Kagan.

11) Email Marketing 



Finally, an email marketing automation SaaS tool which doesn't cost hundreds of dollars per month. SendFox is the most affordable email service I've found so far. It is created by AppSumo, and who's the founder of AppSumo? Yeah, Noah Kagan. SendFox is super easy to use and easy to integrate with other services. You can confirm your domain name so your emails won't go to the spam folder. If you are a first-time buyer on AppSumo, you will receive a $10 discount.

12) Work Management System

Kanbanize Logo


There is a lot of noise these days about productivity systems and tools. I see all types of "inventions" from gurus and bloggers. I wonder why so few people mention the word Kanban, ever? If you want to get shit done and have a clear view of your tasks, make one change - use a Kanban tool and the Kanban method for project management. Nothing else. Kanbanize is the best Kanban software ever made on the planet. However, it's best suited for teams (being price-wise).

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