Learn How to Plan, Launch, and Build Successful Niche Websites.

From Jon's Experience.

Friends, these are the only courses on how to build successful niche websites that I have ever taken and paid for. They are created by Jon Dykstra, a niche website publisher, from whom I've learned a lot.

The information Joh shares isn't something that you can get anywhere for free. IMO, there is hardly anyone else providing similar courses. Jon shares actual screenshots of his accounts, his results, and handy ready-made templates.

What I love the most is that he updates them regularly once he finds a strategy or a tactic that works. Enjoy them!

Long Tail Deep Dive-2

"Long Tail Deep Dive" by Fat Stacks



Long Tail Deep Dive sets out in detail the MANY methods (10 of them) Jon uses to find unlimited low competition keywords for his niche sites. He explains in great detail the exact keyword research methods he uses to rank for keywords, without building links. Yes, Jon doesn't build links, but he earns high-5-figure per month from his portfolio of niche websites. Sweet.

Display Ads Deep Dive

"Display Ads Deep Dive" by Fat Stacks



This course teaches you how to monetize your niche website with display Ads. This detailed course includes a detailed website layout graphic setting out exactly where Jon put each type of ad from each network in his content (you also see exactly how he structure my content). Jon's main way to monetize his niche websites is actually through ads.

Natural Link Building

"Natural Link Building Formula" by Fat Stacks



This course teaches you how to naturally attract links, without actively building them through outreach campaigns. Jon has attracted 6,000+ inbound links on auto pilot from real sites with loads of traffic to his niche sites NATURALLY and continue doing so to the tune of dozens per day.

Niche Exponential

"Niche Exponential" by Fat Stacks



This course teaches you how to get large recurring affiliate commissions from smallish sites. This is almost set-it and forget-it passive income niche site model that Jon has been running on almost autopilot for 7 years. You can use this model on a stand-alone site or deploy it on an existing niche site.

On-Site SEO Deep Dive

"On-Site SEO Deep Dive" by Fat Stacks



This course teaches you every on-site SEO step Jon takes to help him rank for thousands of keywords and haul in more than 1 MILLION monthly search visitors to his blogs. I admit that some of the tactics he describes in this course are his own inventions. From March to June 2020 Jon tested a new technique that dramatically increased time-on-site for all of his niche sites. I could never have thought of it.

Content Site Autopilot

"Content Site Autopilot" by Fat Stacks



In this course Jon reveals how he format content, order content (templates provided) and set up his ENTIRE content workflow system that grows his blogs. The system includes Tracking processes, Organizational structure (defined roles), Fast training methods, Proven hiring processes, Clear employee expectations, and Checklists and templates.

Pinterest Magnate

"Pinterest Magnate" by Fat Stacks



In great details, this course explains how Jon grew his Pinterest website traffic from 74,000 to 300,000 visits per month (300% increase) in 12 short weeks. I truly enjoyed applying his recommendations as they are easy to follow and quick to execute.

Freelance Writing Deep Dive

"Freelance Writing Deep Dive" by Fat Stacks



J.J. Mullane and Jon Dykstra put together this extremely detailed, step-by-step course on how to launch and grow a successful freelance writing business. J.J. Mullane actually earns a very good living freelance writing for the web. This course is NOT Theory. It's based on the exact path a professional freelance writer took to earn a lucrative, full-time living writing for the web.

The Fat Stacks Bundle

Everything you need to know for launching and growing a niche website. Of course, written from experience. You will receive access to 11 courses, including those mentioned above. Some of the courses included in this bundle are not sold separately.

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The price you see is what you will pay per year per course. The annual renewal price is only $20 ($47 for the bundle), and it includes future updates (Jon updates his courses pretty regularly). You are not obliged to renew your subscription. Pay for a year, and see if you find the course helpful.

Depending on your country, before checking out, you may see additional VAT tax. It is different for each country.

When you buy a course, you'll get access to FatStack's private forum.

Mila, have you paid for Jon's courses?

Yes, I have paid for Jon's courses from the moment he launched them. I am a long-time reader of FatStacks, and I did not doubt that each course will be worth it.

The only course I don't have is "Freelance Writing Deep Dive" because I am not a freelance writer. But I have friends who have it, and they are beyond positive about the course insights.


Some links on this page are affiliated, which means that I may receive a commission if you sign-up through the links listed here. I feel okay, including my affiliate links, as the courses are worth each dollar.