We will cover topics such as: Content Fundamentals, How to Create Content Ideas, Content Strategy, Repurpose and Update Content. How to Promote Your Content, Content Syndication, What's Duplicate Content. The importance of Content Volume, Length, and Frequency. How to Outsource Content, How to Conduct Content Audits, Copywriting, Linkbait Content.





Content Resources Page Is a King. But It Still Needs Some Links to Rank
Content Site Autopilot

"Content Site Autopilot" Course by Jon Dykstra /Fat Stacks/



In this course Jon reveals how he format content, order content (templates provided) and set up his ENTIRE content workflow system that grows his blogs. The system includes Tracking processes, Organizational structure (defined roles), Fast training methods, Proven hiring processes, Clear employee expectations, and Checklists and templates.

Freelance Writing Deep Dive

"Freelance Writing Deep Dive" Course by Jon Dykstra /Fat Stacks/



J.J. Mullane and Jon Dykstra put together this extremely detailed, step-by-step course on how to launch and grow a successful freelance writing business. J.J. Mullane actually earns a very good living freelance writing for the web. This course is NOT Theory. It's based on the exact path a professional freelance writer took to earn a lucrative, full-time living writing for the web.

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Content Fundamentals

Content Ideas

Content Strategy

Repurpose and Update Content

Content Promotion

Content Syndication

Duplicate Content

Content Volume, Length, and Frequency

Outsourcing Content

Content Audits and Content Penalties


Linkbait Content


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