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posted on October 26, 2020 in Essays

The 2 Things that Life Doesn't Tolerate

At my first corporate job, I was miserably sitting at my desk, as my first website (rebranded to got banned from the hosting company (back then, it was Weebly).

Yes, Weebly banned my account, and I had no access to the backend of my website, contacts, content, etc.

Back then, I was in a team with a brilliant marketing start-up guy with a successful exit.

He saw my moody look, and he politely asked if there was something wrong.

I shared with him that my website got banned from the hosting platform.

I have basically lost all of my work for the past two years.

I clearly remember how he looked at me, and with a very smooth, encouraging voice, he told me:

"Mila…Mila…if you haven't been banned from everywhere; it means that you haven't tried hard enough for your dream."

Those words stung me like a mother bee.

Later in the afternoon, that same day, I read Weebly's TAC policy, found their weak spot, and told them that I hadn't violated anything according to their TAC policy.

I pointed out all the reasons I think they are wrong, and in 2 hours, they agreed to give me back access to my websites.

The moral of the story: don't be afraid to f*cked things up; just make sure that you find a way to fix things and move on quickly.

I learned that life doesn't tolerate two things: half-hearted things and self-pitying people.

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