My Niche Website Projects Explained [Hardly] 

 September 28, 2020

By  Mila Chervenkova

Stash the cash, I am building niche-wise.

I kind of like this line a lot. It really represents my hunger for success.

Fortunately, there is enough money for everyone to earn.

However, I smell three significant problems with the world’s wealth. The second problem is that wealth is not distributed equally. The first problem is that we are not born equally (thus the second problem). 

The third problem, the biggest of the three, is that most of the population won’t take any action to change the second problem, and thus the first problem stays the same.


Wealth Eplained but Confusing

Conventional wealth = born wealthy = stay wealthy = money doesn’t change hands.

The new wealth = earn big for yourself = leave legacy = born wealthy (your children), but money did change hands this time.

So, by solving the third problem - taking action to change the distribution of the world’s money (second problem), we can also solve the first problem, where more people got the chance to live in (more) equally wealthy families.

Yes, we will never be equal to one another, but we can re-distribute the world’s wealth so more people could live a better life.

And this is not a dream. This is a future that can be vastly achieved if more people are willing to work a little extra for their role in this change.

This is my “Why” reason for starting this blog - a story untold cannot be heard. I am playing my role in this change. 


After this brief lyrical prelude, I will gladly give you more context into my current work. What are the projects in progress, my growth strategy, how I plan my work, and the future projects I want to explore.

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Niche Projects In-Progress

Currently, in this category, fall eight niche websites + 1 hobby website (I don’t monetize it). For privacy reasons, I cannot share the domains for 5 of my website.

It's classified

However, I’ll give you some details, which might be enough to satisfy your curiosity (for now) and the type of websites I am building.

Here they are:

1) MilaChervenkova.rocks - Marketing Niche

This is my marketing blog, the one you are reading right now. Its main goal is to cover topics related to all-things-marketing that will encourage you to build your own niche website or service/product.

Most of the topics I will cover come from personal experience, rather than research-based-keyword-focusing articles.

But aren't we all sick of "Definitive Guides" anyway? Also, one of the topic I will cover extensively is how to be a minimalist entrepreneur and its importance for the creator economy.

2) Milaonsupplements.com - Health Niche

This is the first website I built seven years ago (I think). Should I mention how many times I changed the design of my website? More than 20 times for sure. 

The version you see today is my latest pivot from March 2020. Milaonsupplements.com used to be a website for supplement reviews. It used to have more than 250 articles on supplements.

However, I’ve changed a lot, and with this, my perception of health and fitness. I got very deep into minimalism and started practicing minimalist fitness. 

In March 2020, I was ready to make the pivot. I removed all of the 250+ articles, and now it has only four articles. Yes, 4. And they are brand new. 

I have a hell of a lot of work ahead of me, but minimalist fitness is a topic that just naturally excites me.

If you want to learn how the hell did I start with fitness in general, you may want to read the four articles on my websites.

I admit that they reveal some fundamental traits about my personality, and “Learn my past to know my present” is a good way to start.

3) Journalikarandash.com - Pure Hobby for the Soul

Journalikarandash.com is my hobby project, which I don’t plan (and don’t want) to monetize. The name of the website comes from "journal" i (and) "karandash" (Журнал и Карандаш in Bulgarian).

Кarandash means pencil in Russian, also it is an old word used in my home town for a pencil. My grandma used to use this word all the time. I think that the origin comes from Turkish.

JournaliKarandash is the place where I share the books I read each month, my poetry, deep thoughts, and short essays in Bulgarian. 

And I think that’s the sublime part - it is written (mostly) in my mother language. I wouldn’t change this fact. 

4) Niche Website in Personal Finance

Earning my own money excites me a lot; however, if I didn’t have healthy financial hygiene, I wouldn’t have managed to preserve my wealth and invest in building niche websites. 

I love reading financial and economics books, and I am very good at living an enriched, but frugal life.

This website covers personal finance topics - such as saving, investing, minimalist living on a small budget. Personal finance is a topic I enjoy writing about.

I have started this website at the beginning of 2020, so it is a relevantly young website that needs lots of work. 

5) Niche Website in Musical Instruments (1) [SOLD]

This is a very specific instrument. I believe that my website is the only affiliate website in this niche. 

racoon music

It’s the second niche website I’ve built. I think it is four years old, and it has something like 50 articles. 

I am monetizing this website through the Amazon Affiliate program, and a small portion of the website is monetized through Adsense.

What’s specific about this niche website is that the products are highly-priced, and before the COVID-19’s cut in affiliate commissions by Amazon, the affiliate rate was 6%. Now it is down to 3%.

There is one specific problem with this product - it is often out of stock, especially after the COVID-19 crisis.

There are better programs that stock this product, such as eBay and Walmart; however, I got rejected by both as I don’t live in the USA. Unfortunately, there aren’t any programs available for this musical instrument. 

I was twice approached for a potential acquisition, mainly because of its specific (premium) domain. 

I haven't sold it yet, but I am thinking about it. I am ranking for many keywords with buyers' intent, and at the same time, I am leaving money on the table as products are often out of stock.

Perhaps, someone else with access to eBay's and Walmart's affiliate programs will be able to milk more cash.

6) Niche Website in Musical Instruments (2) [SOLD]

This is a relevantly new website in the musical instruments niche. I think I built it last year (2019).

Again, the affiliation method is the same - mainly Amazon products and some Adsense ads. Earlier this year, I think in April, its affiliate commission was reduced from 6% to 3%.

The good thing about this instrument is that many affiliate programs are offering 10-20% commissions. 

Four or five programs have already contacted me to join their programs. I haven’t had the time to do so yet. I will definitely test their conversion rate versus Amazon’s.

I don’t think that I will ever ditch Amazon Affiliate Program altogether, as it definitely holds some benefits that other programs can’t offer.

7) Niche Website in Coupons

The idea about this website was born when I was a student, but I had no clue how to build a website back then (and what to do with that website, anyway?).

Instead, I would post my coupon code on aggregate websites for coupons, buy a cheap proxy VPN, and then click like crazy on the upvote button so it can climb the top of the page. 

It worked.

Years later, I built a website for that coupon. The beauty in coupons is that people browse for them when they have already decided to buy a product. The product is already in their shopping cart, waiting for that coupon to be applied.

The ugly side is those coupon websites are a freakingly competitive niche. For example, in this niche, I am competing with one of the best SEO gurus, and I’ve learned a lot from her (she doesn’t know it).

8) Niche Website in Outdoors

I love this website! It’s a sport I practice. I built it two years ago, but literally, I had the time to work on it in March 2020.

However, the traffic is speeding up quite fast. It is affiliated through Amazon, Adsense, and one additional program, which I won’t mention as it is very specific for the niche.

Yeah, I am very secretive about releasing additional information for my websites.

9) Niche Website in Health and Fitness

This is a different website from milaonsupplements.com. The website covers all-things sports and health. 

I’ve bought the domain on auction with a DR (Ahrefs) of 60. Then I poured like 100 articles, added affiliate products, and now I am waiting to see which silo will fly first so I can focus on that topic.

I prefer doing reverse siloing. I wrote a bit on this topic in my article "Why Startups Should Start with SEO from Day 1."

What’s in My Backlog

In addition to the nine active websites above, I own more websites and domains. Let’s see them.

Cat there is more

1) Dropshipping Aliexpress Website in Pet Niche

I bought this website + an android app (both ready) on Flippa because I wanted to see how a dropshipping website with Aliexpress is set.

Hmmm, pretty heavy on plugins. Not my cup of coffee. I would gladly sell it for $300, the exact sum I paid for.

If anyone is interested in buying it - send me a DM or an email.

2) Dropshipping Shopify Website in Supplements Niche

Again, I bought this dropshipping website on Flippa mainly because of the domain (sounds very premium) and because I wanted to see how a dropshipping website works with Shopify.

Not for sale at this time. I still imagine that I will find the time to start the engine. 

3) Hobby Project in Design Minimalism

I am all-in, all things minimalism.

I want to subtract as much as I can from my material life (I won’t say anything about subtracting people from my life, but you may guess it right).

This is a hobby project I would like to document, but as it requires physical work, most probably, it will be postponed for 2021.

3) Community Website for Bulgarian Extra-preneurs

The domain is funny, and I bought it after a dream. The exact name was mentioned in my dream, I woke up in the middle of the night to write down the domain name. 

I’m not that crazy - I bought it the morning after.

I love the idea behind this future project (I really hope that I’ll make it happen sooner). But it will require a significant effort - my free time and extraverted me, with the latter the hardest.

How Do I Plan to Handle the Work for 9 Websites

Honestly, I work actively only on seven out of the nine projects!

Yeah, it’s too much for a single person to handle it, no matter how productive one is.

I guess I’ll have to hurry slow. But I don’t mind it. I will start scaling when I’m ready to handle a team.

The Plan for the 4 Amazon Affiliate Websites and My Personal Finance Website

Once per month, I block a week and work only on the four websites with Amazon affiliate products and my personal finance website.

Note that for the personal finance website, most of the articles I write myself. If I outsource content, then it's on some generic financial topics.

1) Content

I outsource my content (for the websites in this category) through an agency.


Because I don’t have the expertise, not to mention the time to write all of the articles.

There are services which are x10 better in researching and writing product reviews than I am. We all should know where to invest our time. I pay for this. 

I also upload, format, optimize, and interlink my content. I have to admit that I am a little bit of a freak when it comes to SEO optimization. In my future blog posts, I will demonstrate the easiest way (IMO) to achieve it.

2) Keyword Research 

I have prepared big sheets with keywords for each project, stacked in silos. I do all of the keyword researching.

I can hardly trust anyone else doing keyword research for my websites without micro-management from my side. Which is awful.

Thus, I do it myself.

3) Linkbuilding 

Right now, I am not building any links to my websites. But I usually work with freelance link builders and agencies (a bit pricy for sure). 

I remember the time when I was a link building machine. Back then, I didn’t have the money to outsource my link building campaigns, but I had the time. And I did my best to learn this trade.

4) Social Media

I create all of the visuals and banners for the articles, and then later, I resize them for my Social Media channels. Canva makes this process super easy. Their paid plan offers a “copy and resize” option.

The Plan for My Hobby Website and Coupon Website

My hobby website journalikarandash.com doesn't require much attention. I update it once per month when I add the books I've read during that month. Or whenever I feel like adding any short essay, thoughts, or some lines of poetry.

The coupon website requires more technical SEO, link building, and experimentation. As I've said, the niche is very competitive, and for this website to surface on top, I have to be proactive with ranking tactics.

The Plan for the Two Most Important Websites for Me

There are two websites in my portfolio which I consider to have the most significant impact in my life:

Honestly, I would never have been the woman I am today without the two personas, characterizing these two websites.

These two websites are challenging to grow, as they require my personal time at 100%. 

I can’t afford to outsource any of the articles here. No one can write from my experience.

Additionally, milaonsupplements.com requires not only mental work but physical too. 

Thankfully, I love working out and experimenting with different nutritional and training systems.

However, physical and mental push together could be a ticking bomb. I will try not to explode.

Sooner than later, I will have to hire help.

Until I do so, most of the time I will be occupied with my work on them. 

Wait, Is There More?

there is more

I said most of the time, as I would like to build a no-code SaaS service.

I am a big fan of the growing no-code movement and I have an idea for a small, niche-wise SEO product.

Also, I have another three product ideas for the sports and health niche which I dream of completing in the near future.

I am already scheduling tasks on my Kanban board for the SEO SaaS project. We’ll see where this will go.

I can't get enough of my life and I can't get bored.

Next Update

I plan the next update to be in late October 2020, in case I have anything interesting to add.

If you have questions or something isn't clear for you - just ask in me the comments below and I'll give clarification.

Own Your Future, Friends.

- Mila

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