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posted on May 16, 2021 in Essays

Essay on Domain Knowledge, Confidence, Focused Work

I know this is a marketing blog, but it is also a tool to empower people on their path to extra-preneurship (entrepreneurship).

And this is a short story about one lie and my first $10K in a month as a solopreneur.

The lie was told when I was 23 y/o, and I earned my first $10K in a month when I was 26 y/o.

The important thing is in between.

Let's read this story together.

If you are new here, start by reading this short story first: How I Won the Lottery Without Getting Lucky.

I did my bachelor's degree in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and right after that, I moved to the capital city of Bulgaria - Sofia, to look for a job.

As far as I can recall, it took me three months, no experience, and a lie to land my first job in a relatively new, Bulgarian IT company.

I was one of the earliest employees.

If you take a look at my LinkedIn profile, you will figure out which is the company.

Anyway, the position I applied for was as a personal travel manager for the company, as most of its clients were German.

And believe me, there was a lot of traveling going on.

So to get that job, I went through 4 interviews.

I have never worked as a travel manager or travel assistant in my life, but there I was, determined to get the job.

And at the moment I got out from the first interview, I knew that I would get the job.

I had one advantage over the whole department, including the CEO (yes, my last interview was with him, as it turned out that I will have to arrange all of his travels, too).

The advantage - I had just finished my bachelor's degree in Tourism Management.

I had something they didn't, and I used it.

I had knowledge in the field of travel systems; they couldn't even comprehend what I was telling them during the interviews.

They would ask me something like, "Have you ever worked with this travel system?" 

And I would answer, "Are you crazy? That system is so outdated. I have worked with the latest travel systems such as "X, Y, Z" which are the top systems in the world." 

Fresh out of school. I knew a thing or three.

And I'm telling you, I was so confident in all four interviews that it was impossible for them even to assume that I have never seen how a travel system works, except for the picture in my student books.

And I am not proud of lying, I am just telling a real story, one of the best in my life to get me where I am today.

And I don't want you to think that it is OK to lie during an interview.

However, when you have already built the knowledge in a niche for so many years, and you are confident that you can excel in a job, once given the opportunity, then you can be whoever the fuck you want.

You can be Mila with "9 to 5" or Mila with her "first $10K after quitting 9 to 5."

Your life is your responsibility, including lying for a job, so be cautious when lying.

And not long after I quit that job, I earned $10K in a single month.

I poured everything I knew about SEO and niche websites into one project.

Topical knowledge in a niche, focused work, and confidence in my skills.

Exactly the same three skills that land me the job. Same scenario.

The moral of the story for me is: You act Now, to have your Tomorrow, the way you always Wanted.

It could be 9 to 5, or it could be you, the extra-preneur.

I will cite once again one of my favorite thoughts about living a life without regrets.

Follow my heart

and be myself.

A life without regrets

regardless of consequences.

That’s how I wanted to live.

Have I been committed?

So, have you been committed?

Mila Chervenkova

Marketing Diva, Extra-preneur

Onw Your Future


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