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Update #8: Content, Link building, Traffic, Keywords, Experiments, Earnings, Expenses

Lesson 9 Module 9


In May 2021, I've added 24 articles. Here is the type of articles I've added:

  • 10 single product reviews;
  • 10 "Best" type of articles;
  • 4 "avalanche" articles.

So far, I've published 163 articles on this niche website. As you can see, in May, 20 of the 24 articles published were "money" articles and fewer info articles. In June, I will try to post more info-type articles.

Link Building

I haven't done any external link building. I've focused mainly on internal link building and anchor text optimization.


In May 2021, I paid:

  • $720 for 24 articles.

For these 24 articles, I used iWriter's and Textbroker's services. Some articles are 2000+ words, others 1000 words. The average price per 1000 words is $22, which is pretty decent. 

More Custom Landing Pages

In May, I created custom landing pages for more categories. The landing pages have the same beautiful design and host all articles in that category plus its sub-categories. Then, from the avalanche articles, I link back to the main category and the sub-categories (I've created landing pages for the sub-categories too). 

Thankfully, Thrive Theme Builder has a setting to redirect your old category page to the newly created one.


Here is a screenshot from my US Amazon Earnings in May.

Affiliate Comissions May

In May, my earnings from Amazon US are actually $75, but because the rate of returned items is relatively high, the actual earning are $60.21.

You can also see a slight drop in clicks and conversion rate. There are some reasons for this:

  • At the beginning of May, NameCheap (my hosting provider) had problems with its service. All of my websites were up and down, up and down for at least 5 days in a row, which affected total clicks and CR.
  • In the middle of May, my website lost position for one of the main money pages, which used to bring conversions. I've described how I recovered that keyword position in under 12 hours in my article How to Recover Lost SEO Keywords and Organic Traffic.


We can see another month with traffic growth. In April, the traffic has increased by 200 users. In May, the traffic has increased by 230 users, which isn't great. However, I am ranking for low-volume keywords, so I guess it's the best I can get now.

May Traffic

Keywords and Rankings

In May, we see a massive increase in organic keywords. We've finished the month with 1400 keywords in April, while in May, we've finished with 1900 keywords.

Keywords May