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Lesson 13 Module 13

This module will cover the details for the past two months - October and November 2021.



In October 2021, I've added 48 articles, ranging from 1500 to 3000 words.


In November 2021, I've published 30 articles; however, I've uploaded a lot more. I am now testing a new way of posting my content in silos/clusters. I take one category from my niche, upload 7-10 articles, add the internal links between these articles, and when they are good to go, I hit publish. After that, I may add additional articles to the same silo.

Link Building


In October, I've bought 5 links.


In November, I've bought 1 link.

Internal Links


As usual, I am very strict with internal linking. Every new article receives at least 3 internal links upon publishing.


In November, I've started auditing the internal linking from and to the oldest articles from 2019. They were a mess, and I started fixing them. During December, the process will continue (yes, less Christmas, more work).



  • Content: I spent $2000.
  • Links: $400


  • Content: I spent $1200.
  • Links: $70.


At this moment, I am not focused on the monetary side because I want to focus on link building and traffic. Also, the content that ranks the best right is info, and these articles are not monetized in any way. Since my hosting provider finally found a solution for the integration with Ezoic, I will enable the integration and start monetizing the website with ads in the following weeks.


In my last update, I wrote, "Don't expect to see a hockey stick chart." Well, there is a tiny one. I wish the hockey stick were headed towards 15 000 or 150 000 organic traffic, but it's the best chart I've seen for this website so far. Also, this chart is after Google's November core update, and the update positively impacted this website. And it was about time because I believe that this website isn't another shitty and spammy-looking affiliate website.

Organic hockey stick Oct and Nov

Keywords and Rankings

Keywords and rankings are steadily growing. 

Organic keywords Oct and Nov