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Lesson 11 Module 11


In July 2021, I've added 8 articles. Just like I did in June, I wrote all 8 articles again. The good news is that my company documents are all set, and now I can start ordering batches of new articles. As I have already mentioned, the aim is to upload around 1000 articles. Right now, I have uploaded around 200 articles.

I can't wait to see what will happen with this website once it has 1000 articles published.

Link Building

I haven't done any external link building. I've focused mainly on internal link building and anchor text optimization.


In July, I wrote all articles myself, so I didn't have any additional expenses.


Here is a screenshot from my US Amazon Earnings in July. Compared to June, the ordered items in July are twice the number of items ordered in June. Also, you can see that not all items have been shipped yet. The clicks went up by 35%; the conversion rate has almost doubled.

Earnings July


July 2021 is the first month to experience a slight decrease in traffic - 9.63%. But there is nothing to worry about because rankings and total keywords are still in the upward trend. The decline might be due to the summertime. It's always a tidal period.

Traffic July

Keywords and Rankings

In July, the website had its peak in terms of the number of ranked keywords (Ahrefs' data). And for the last two months, I've uploaded 15 articles, where I used to upload 40-50 per month. 

From what I see, the website is stable during Google's storms, and once I upload the 800 additional articles, we might storm Google. 🙂

Keywords July